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Welcome to Be Naturally Curious!

Hello world!   Welcome to our beta website!

At Be Naturally Curious, we’re working to build the best science and nature education products for independent educators – parents, homeschoolers, and museums.  Our innovative mini-courses are developed by a nation-wide network of experts in science and education.

We’re launching with three terrific mini-courses.

The first, Molecules are Everywhere, starts at the basic building block of all science, the Atom.  It features the story of how Ellie the Electron finds a Friend, fun activities like Build a Molecule with Friends, and the Electron Matching Game.  We think Molecules are Everywhere is a great introduction to kids for concepts  around Molecules, Electrons, Covalent Bonds, and Chemical Reactions.  You can see a tour here.

The next one,  Freddie and his Ocean Friends, uses sea creatures to introduce  core concepts around the Food Chain, Predators, Plankton, the Life Cycle, and Metamorphosis.  It tells the story of how Freddie the Flounder learns about why members of his family come in different shapes and sizes.  It also includes an activity for kids to create their own plankton, build their own food web, and play a food chain card game.

Our third course, the Adventures of Carbon Cal, uses the story of a little Carbon atom to illustrate the Carbon Cycle.  It has a broad set of activities and experiments, including a Carbon Cycle Game, an at home experiment to create carbon dioxide, and an outdoor hunt for Carbon Cal.  It introduces key concepts including PhotoSynthesis and Respiration, as well as important substances Carbon Dioxide, BiCarbonate, and Calcium Carbonate.

Look for more courses every month as we build what we think will be the best way to introduce kids to higher level scientific concepts.

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